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Episode 105 – Meet your brewer night

Shawn and Kenny hang out at Lengthwise with Vance of the Bakersfield Chapter of the Active 20-30 International. We discuss the upcoming Country Craft Beer Festival and drank beer with the band Imperial Stout.

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Episode – 104 Kevin the new guy

I’m Not Kevin Podcast Joey, Kenny and Richie welcome new guy Kevin to the world of amazing beers. Come to find out Kevin is not a fan of IPAs then you better bring dick jokes to the table!

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Episode 103 – Frank and Kay

Show started out pretty good with a visit from John and then Shawn. But when Kay showed up the shit show commenced.

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Episode 101

I’m Not Kevin Shawn Joey Kenny and Troy give a recap of episode 100. Martin shows up in time to enjoy Joey’s Texas beer. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

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Episode 100 – LCB 3 year bash

IPA Today celebrates the 100th episode with LCB as they celebrate 3 years of badass beer. As livecast go sound quality is not the best, the poor sound quality contributed to Kenny’s jokes falling flat.

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Episode 99 – Bourbon County Vertical

Steven, Joey, Kenny & Richie spend Black Friday enjoying Goose Island Bourbon County 2014 – 2018. This was a fun Friday, not so awesome Saturday morning.

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Episode 98 – Central Valley Homebrew Supply

Joey co-host IPA Today as they hang out with Stu and Jared of Central Valley Homebrew Supply. This quick non-shit show episode is a fun conversation of craft beer, homebrew, and homebrew supplies…we still broached the subject of rub & tugs of course.

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