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Episode 114 – Saying goodbye to Mike Lahti

Kenny, I’m Not Kevin Shawn, and 2nd Phase Brewing Frank sit down for a couple of beers with Temblor Brewing Company’s head brewer Mike Lahti to say thank you and farewell.

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Episode 113 – HS Beer Part 2

The crew continues to expertly sample and critique beer with articulate feed back…just kidding, the shit show loses composure as usual.

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Episode 112 High School Beer

Kenny, Shawn, Frank, Martin, and Josh bring the beer that started it all for each of us. The stories continue as the blood alcohol levels rise to a level that seems strange to most folks on a weekday at noon.

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Episode 111 – 2nd Phase & White Claw

IPA Today at I’m Not Kevin Studios with 2nd Phase Brewing – We cornered Frank to get some answers about 2nd Phase Brewing and why Joey enjoys White Claw…Richie spilled his on the carpet.

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Episode 110 – LCB

Episode 110 Richie & Kenny join I’M Not Kevin and John of Mashtime at LCB in Tehachapi. With John and Tyson on the mic, Kenny didn’t get a lot of dick jokes in and nobody even noticed Richie at the table.

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Episode 109 – Josh, Matt, and Kara

Another 3 hour bad idea, but thanks to Kara it was not the typical shitshow. We enjoyed some awesome home brews, 8 Bit, and a couple of LCB new releases.

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Episode 108 – Great Change

Shawn eventually joins the group as we feature Great Change Brewing along with some amazing home brews from Josh and Martin. Frank gives some more details about 2nd Phase Brewing, and Joey even calls in to give a bro date update.

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Episode 107 – Crusader Brewing Co.

Kenny, Joey and Shawn get an education from Crusader head brewer Chris as we enjoy his old world style beer. This place is a lot of fun to hang out, Pancho even showed up to add to the fun.

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